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August 3, 2004

This poem was originally written August 3, 2004 and was recently found when I was going through some papers that I had filed away after a move. For too long I have looked for a person to rescue me and in reality the only One who can rescue any of us from ourselves is God.

Adrift in a sea of endless swell

Surrounded by bleakness and hopelessness

Search for a beacon you are certain is there

A stray piece of driftwood to cling to

The crunch of dry leaves is tender a foot

Surrounded by dead trees that all look the same

Cry out for the clearing you have always expected

A place where the rescuer can see your hands wave

He will always pick up those adrift

He is there to shield you and comfort your pain

No matter the storm or the trial you suffer

Only He has the power to stop all the rain

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