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September 24, 1986

Tales spoken from the hidden vault
Trees echo in the dark bedroom
Alaskan cool, shady romance
Eskimo love in an igloo home

Driven south, terror running
Gentle fingers slither down the spine
of the aging man, feeling pleasure one more time
Held, cuddled, forced to relax, massaged from behind
Thrown into the cool Alaskan night to wait out his time

He's tried once more to be content
but insecurity drives him crazy
Dripping, sweating slowly, shivering, confused
Loved, but unwanted
Needed, but unused
Frightened of the man he's become
but terrified of the man he used to be
Looking for the life he wants to lead
Unobtainable, but worth chasing

No man stands above the mountain
No man digs through it
Perfection can be looked at only
through windows
Too thick to break through
Too thick to cut

The man, defeated
Too weak to even try
Destined to be what he was always meant to be
An ordinary guy
Like you or me

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