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October 9/10 2011

This is a poem that I wrote on October 9th and 10th of this year, based upon a quote by the author Ernest Hemingway " Amid the ruin, still the beauty" It reminds me that no matter where life is at that moment, there is still beauty, there is still renaissance, there is always renewal...God makes each day new. Hemingway committed suicide in 1961, and it is sad that he knew this profound truth, but couldn't apply it.

Amid the ruin, still the beauty

still the dusty trailway beckons to wanderers

Pervasive sadness cannot sway the transformation

Sit among the damage and inspire

Exercising humility once again

after you swiffen your own demise

your own renaissance waits

around a corner that today you’re blinded to

Amid the weeds, still the flower

alone in suffering grandeur

a touch is a million miles away

yet it is forever

Tragic hero spurs his own undoing

Blame cannot be spread

Only mirror tests spot the culprit

Growing stronger throughout dismal times

Amid the ruin, still the beauty

still the memories retain their form

Still the smile replays inside the mind

Still the touch is felt from afar

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