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Another One Will Pass
September 7, 1987

I look at you and call you friend
but you see in my eyes that it's just pretend
It really is more feeling than I can express
Maybe someday

You understand my position is bleak
Words unravel life's greater mysteries
Mystifies both you and me
and leaves us tired, drawn and weak

Another lonely night will pass
Morning will come and give us light
But try as we might
We will never lay together in the grass
Or hold a sweet tiger lily to your hair
Or ride a horse at the county fair
Nor will the sun be our faithful guide
When all the others fall to the side
When all others are dead or dying
Or have grown defeated from even trying

I look at you and call you friend
You know the message that I send
It's a feeling trapped inside my head
Maybe someday

Another holiday is gone and past
Tomorrow just a normal day
So hard to say
It is too late, impressions are cast
Too late to win a chance at a second chance
Or to sit on the riverfront
and have the stars fall from above
Probably too far to see any light
Try as we might

The grass looks greener over there
Only when we avoid all the tears
And escape the morning's
new batch of fears

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