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March 20, 1987

"There is no terror in the bang, only in the anticipation of it."
-Alfred Hitchcock (1899-1980)

It will fight my battles for me
Adrenalin seeping through all of my muscles
Anxiety could spell the end for me

I'm so anxious to see you for the first time
In love without having to look again
I cannot wait to hold you in my arms
By the way, what do you look like?

It will rule over me
In the night it will awaken dreams
But anxiety could spell the end for me

I'd love to see us walking down a forest path
or sharing a spa of bubbles in your evening bath
I want to hold you tightly, endlessly
But I'm afraid I'm plagued by my anxieties

I try to gently touch the ladder step
with touch any of the steps below
I try to view the only kingdom
My imagination lets me know

Your answer I await for centuries
It is making a wreck out of me
Turning my heart with each shake of your head
Making a pool of the tears that I've shed
Anxious never more

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