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November 19, 1986

When the fireplace glows in our humble home
I'll be squeezing you right beside me
And the white winter tapestry blows and blows
Happy, as joy surrounds me

I can hold you close at night
I do some wrong, I do some right
In summertime, when love is green
We are gentle, rolling and serene
In the autumn of rustling dreams
We are full of love and depth and schemes

When the wild sea spins our vessel of love
I'm protecting you right beside me
And the blue ocean spray blows and blows
Contented, as joy surrounds me

I can hold you close at night
I try, but fail to do what's right
In summertime, when our love is hot
We first in love, but then we're not
In the autumn filled with freezing rain
We are full of confusion, sorrow and pain

When the road to love is lost to all
I'll keep you from the fatal fall
And our romantic life blows and blows
I'm letting go, I'm letting go

I can look at you for all my life
I preach my faith to you all my life
You are the building blocks to me
We build each other gradually

When the last old leaf begins to blow
and no new ones are allowed to grow
The failure choked in budding land
But after all, I hold your hand

The chariot stops the ride
The quietness hovers by our side
There is no time for asking why
Release your hand and say goodbye

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