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Before It's Too Late
September 8, 1987

When its the gray morning thought time
And you feel lucky to be alive
on two strong legs
Writing with muscled hand

But on others you look down
The ones who aren't as sound
They have someone else write for them
To chronicle their lives
They need assistance to tie a shoe
Neither pride nor pity will see them through

Your devotion through the hardest years
has given meaning to my lonely life
Your heart has bled a million times
and dodged a thousand knives

Everyday I grow a little weaker
And slowly ebbs away my strength
The doctors say it won't be long
So to wake up tomorrow and rise
To have the will to open my eyes
is all that I can ask for

Where have you been through the years
of hardships and pain
Why didn't I see you long before
Back when I was fairly strong and brave
Why did you wait until now
when we can only hold hands and say goodbye

The days are broken
and the nights fall victim
to those who fight
To see once again
dawn's wilderness

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