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January 5, 2012

A new year brings with it the opportunity for emerging from the cocoon of your old life and developing as a beautiful new creation of your own design. This is a brand new poem that celbrates the emergence from the depths to the heights of what is in store for each and every one of us...

It was amazing to have met you

Emerging from the catacombs

chrysalis to butterfly

Girlhood to womanhood

I am glad you have proceeded

from the energy sapping catacombs

Spread wings like a butterfly

And walked into my neighborhood

To see you walk unsheltered

from the darkness of the catacombs

Colorful as a peacock

And take the stance I knew you could

I’ll love to watch you growing

from the depth of darkened catacombs

Shining as a meteor

As every celestial body should

Reach out for my hand at times

Born from smothered catacombs

toughened like the deepest root

that holds in place the firmest wood

Remember me as you dance the dance

released from restraints of catacombs

free to dance the sweetest dance

with all the dance steps understood

Join me as we save the rest

from the prison of the catacombs

sparkle as the diamond sea

Taste and see that life is good

It was amazing to have met you

Emerging from the catacombs

Sepulcher to brightest sky

The rebirth of your womanhood

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