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Cloud Nine
March 11, 1986

Cloud Nine
My favorite place
Running through fur-lined forests
dripping money
Girls with fans cool me
Tropical heat tans me
Gentle breezes stir my hair
And you're beside me

Without you
Cloud nine is no cloud at all
It's a farce
An oasis I try to place faith in
But can never depend upon

You, sweetheart make the cloud
Paradise for two
Wealth in spirit and material
Pure water going over the rocks
Cleansing nature
as you cleanse me

Clouds one through eight
may not last long
They will surely fade away
But cloud nine survives because of you
My reason for joy
The nightlight as I fall asleep
The proof of my successes
My guardian against failure

If I ever slip off the cloud
You'll be there holding a lightning bolt
for me to climb
so that we will be together
just as we were meant to be

Cloud nine
Wispy, white and willowy
but not complete without our love
I've reached the top of the cloud
and I thank you

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