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Drinking Lesson
March 14, 1986

West coast nightlife
Florida's golden pasttime
Cramped motel room
He finds his escape

Tavern entrance dimly lit
He approaches his den reluctantly
as a lion just fed but still curious
Revolving bar slowly dizzying
Orders a beer and gazes
Dancing , videos, lesbians
Two young girls hug and kiss beside him
Perish the thought

An older man uses age-old lines on beauty queens
who aren't buying
Voyeurism can be fun

Nachos, hot and zesty
Stale and nasty

A revolution later, festive dancing
Country music
Seniors and teen girls
Popular DJ swarmed by lovlies
Beer after beer flows down
The bar accelerates
He scans the crowd, learns a lot

He staggers into the tropical night air
Gold Coast nightlife

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