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September 18, 2002

This poem was originally written September 18, 2002. In it I realize that God is, has and will be there for me in the darkest corners of my life. This goes beyond just the literal dark corners but more importantly, the dark corners in my heart, areas that have been broken and wounded and are still in the Lord's healing process. This touches closely to me because I feel that the last several years has been a "heart journey", and that God has made me a better man. I think this also touches on how God seeks us out, we must invite, but then He seeks us where we are....

Amazing God, Miraculous One, Alpha and Omega

Who sees it all, knows it all, Omniscient, Omnipresent

So much to do, the world's in turmoil

country fighting country

And yet you took the time today to

look in my darkest corners

How could I hear your voice so forceably

yet gentle and serene

"I've always been here waiting" "You are my child" I heard you say

Lord, how did you ever find me?

Even in my darkest corners, you sought the soul of me

All my tears have mingled with the precious memories

Where do you find all the love that's needed?

with hatred all around us, within us

To sweetly wrap your arms around and fill me with your spirit

How can you make the world look differently in only just one day

How can a man's future change with your still small voice

and how can all the wrongs I've done come rushing through my soul

And how can I start to set it right, how can I make it whole?

Strangely, I'm not afraid

of halted loves that have gone astray

I hear you whisper of my future bright

and steer me to keep focused on your light

I know I'll love again, because I finally love myself

You made me a special man, embodied with your grace

You've given me so many gifts to offer, so much I want to give

I will do your work and never hesitate, however long I live.

Thank you Lord, for taking so much time

to save a wretch like me

For looking in the darkest corner

and opening my eyes to see

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