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November 20, 2006

This poem was originally written November 20, 2006 and was as close to a self-inspection that I was willing to give myself...given the gift of time and reflection, it was (is?) pretty right on.

I can be strangely silent or never shut up

I can bite the hand that feeds me or caress it

I often rely on charm to get me through

But I guess that everybody does

I get disappointed every October

I over anticipate Christmas and it lets me down

I look at the glass as half full, but then I drink it

But I guess that everybody does

I dream about having all the riches

I fear of having nothing and losing it

I have a book or two inside of me

But I guess that everybody does

I have loved and hated the same woman

I have said things I’ve meant and didn’t mean

I have had one too many and talked nonsense

But I guess that everybody does

Why do I feel alone

Could I be the only one

Are these feelings only mine

Or is it what everybody does

I’ve liked who I see in the mirror and despised him

I have blown past things and stopped to smell the roses

I have looked upon birth and death

But I guess that everybody does

Reassured, half scared out of my wits, cocky, arrogant,

cowering, skittish, bold,then frightened, confident, king of

the world, wet my pants, the montage of emotions I feel

And I guess everybody does

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