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Fantasy Now, Reality How
October 21, 1986

Reality lies across the parking lot
We're wishing we could visit it
by crossing streets of poison
Deep concrete stops us heated
by the Indian sun
blistered from Heaven

Reality lies in the ringing phone
Invaded evenings
Paradise interrupted by the sound
of two lovers tossed off their Fantasyland
that they discovered was as flat as the earth
as seen by early explorers
The voice ended the romance, added
suspense, anger, confusion, the end
Holding on to one another
then separated
Tomorrow's another day
Unknown and dreadful, we are curious

Reality, fresh as morning breezes through a window
absent mindedly left open through the frigid night
Cold air filtered by the silver screen
escaping into the cubicle, frozen
Dreamland in winter
Awake, cold waves pumped inwards to the body
Driven blindly
Magnetized to the dreamer
who faces cold, cruel morning
A baby in the Arctic
spending the first dawn in a harsh, real Siberia
Close the fishbowl windows
Stretch and dream...

Different day, land, hour
Fantasies set deeply for permanent visit
You and I see each other at angles of a cloud
silvery lined, dry pillowy sight
Swim towards common goals or illusions
Grasping fingers gently holding the sections
and secrets of understanding
Holding hands in an ancient land rendered
unconscious by blows to our pride
Advancing madly into the squall of life together

We shuffle our hearts slowly, purposefully
Goals united in our narrow windows
Forget him as a learned experience
valuable in lessons, but not in love
The love is for the moment, now here
True devotion exists when our eyes meet
We never doubt, do we?
I caress your hair and gaze into fountains
I need to store my future in the spaces of your heart

You touch me and you tell me that you love me
Tell me that you always wanted to be this content
Our ritual is endless forests of crimson leaves
falling to the floor in gusts of autumn
The wool of your sweater is friction
and electricity can be felt between us
Everything I've kept inside before
blocked by the tingling, tongue tied reality
Now flows in fantasy like water through a newly opened dam
Words greet the air like old friends, secure and adjusted...
We share everything
Love broken down to its purest form
Life lived to its fullest

We walk the trailway and gather strength
Bonds remain unbroken, unbreakable
No one doubts our power
Machines destroyed
Human resources our largest tool
Adding hearts beat in unison
We have melodies to dance to
Beside the lake, our home, children, wealth
wisdom and health
Growing old, but together
Aging, but gaining knowledge, experience, advice
for others like us
In love, no confusion, out of bounds, then in paradise

Even as the shovel throws the last pile of soil upon me
I want to grasp my dream, my life's work
The intangible feelings relayed and returned
Flamingos prancing the waltz upon the frozen lake
Ducks flying, sharing the land where they nest
Eagles circle freedom we have left
Starting paradise and then moving on
to farther lands...Heavens gate where
our hands will never separate
Our eyes will never hesitate
our souls will be guided into one
Forever and proud
Love's harvest plowed
Reaping what we sowed
and living from our hearts

Sweat, cold for the window is still open
Eyes adjusting to the light of the cruel morning
Reality appears in a ceiling
Dreary, full of gloom, certainly not a Fantasyland
I guess everything becomes an illusion
Vivid and detailed
Needed by me, but hardly obtainable
The lonely boy returns to harsh surroundings
A fossil, though not old
Brittle, but not weak
Still able to dream, but disillusioned
Still able to see the beauty sitting lonely and confused
I want to spill my feelings, but I can't
I want to make you happy, but I don't
I want to tell you to leave him and run away with me
But I won't because I care about your doubt
that gold and silver and a garden of flowers cannot change

Silhouettes tease me
Ghosts of couples in love, walking
flaunting joy, rattles me inside my china cage
broken by the ring on the wall, or the cards, or the visits
the gifts and the alibis
I wish you could tell me you love me, but you couldn't
And to be honest
I wish you could just be happy, but you won't
I wish I could stop trying, but I shouldn't fool myself
I don't want to lose you
But it's funny because I already have

Some morning the sunrise will be twice as bright
The blue will be bluer than the sea and the sky combined
The grass with delight will glisten from your tears of joy
And our arms will be filled, mine with yours, yours with mine
Our eyes will tell of the glory that awaits us
We will walk the horizon
and instead of stepping off the edge of flat reality
The love that we hold will make Fantasyland
round and endless

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