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October 7, 1986

Nightfall, it sprawls
against the vast emptiness
Moons float and radiate openly
The orange sky gives life

Will I find my dream girl?
So near to me, yet so far from my touch
Only the wild night sky knows
What the future holds in stone

Will you love me?
Answers few and far between
Find me at nightfall
We'll walk by the garden
Rich in emotion and blooming beautifully
Flowers open their petals to our love
Alive until nightfall brings frost and freeze
and harsh reality down upon us

We'll walk the shoreline
The wilderness lagoon from which dreams begin
And complexity ends
I'll hold your hand if you'll let me
I'll tell you what you've always wanted to hear
We'll close our eyes together
and imagine what could be

But only in distant view
The bright ray after an endless trip through the catacombs
of uneventful relationships

Under the orange skies
He doesn't really give you what you want
Turn to me at nightfall
I'll hold you and protect you
from the dark unknown

We can find our favorite star
in the northern sky
And place our dreams there for safekeeping
Someday we can come back to our star
At nightfall
We'll find the wish we placed still there
warmed by the moons glow
Eagerly awaiting to become reality

At nightfall
We lay down in wet, cool grass
Pull down our dreams
Gaze contentedly
and confess our love
In the west, the last orange departs the horizon
Good night

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