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March 18, 1987

General Dingle surveys his terrain
and drives his troops through blinding rain
Victorious, but never for too long
His men are quick to run and never strong

General Dingle sits back with his long cigarette
but finds his lighter missing, his matches wet
Again he rubs two sticks for flame
And a child, by example does the same

Rain until the end of the day
Hours don't matter when no one is paid
All out in wilderness to fight the war
To gain a freedom that they'll never score

General Dingle sleeps in a tent securely in the back
He is shielded from elements and enemy attack
But a child is in open, unguarded wild tonight
and he's happy in the morning to wake, to fight

General Dingle eats his steak rare and caviar
And only the best Port from his crystal jar
The child shares a biscuit and a ration of cheese
And the last bit of water that passed beyond his reach

Rain until the end of the day
Hours pass since the last raid
All out in wilderness to fight the bloody war
All out in Hell for the victory they'll never score

General Dingle wears linen from the country he fights
and the latest in lenses aids his failing sight
But the child in front is in rags and old suits
Eyes are so poor , he never sees who he shoots

General Dingle keeps the pay from the child
But his own troops catch on and quickly file
They march to the rear, no longer mild
General Dingle , fifty five and a victim to his
children gone wild

Men no longer boys
Men no longer boys
Weapons replace toys
Men no longer boys

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