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Happy Birthday Mom
March 25, 1987

This poem was written to my step mother who just six 10 weeks earlier was killed along with my grandmother by a drunk driver. My father, who was also in the car was home from the hospital but not even beginning his grieving process. This poem to her was a part of my healing process.

This feathered morning dawns safely
shielded by strong dark clouds
from Western havoc
Wasting livelihood inside a funhouse
without heading in any one direction
Sadness surrounds, but cannot permeate
Happiness has greater swords and tougher
shields to block the tears
so easy to cry

Happy birthday mom
I dedicate my happiness to you
You have given me reasons to love you
Now I cherish you so much
I wish somehow you could know

Happy birthday mom
May it be your best
Even if it is our worst
May you not have to clean up after your own party
The clean up has all been done
May you have your party
and laugh and love and fly

Someday, I'll be invited to your party
We'll all be together
or so we hope and rest our faith
Hope and faith are all we have this year

We walk on dew filled grass
to a soil clump, still fresh
to wish you happy birthday
I love you

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