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October 6, 1986

Illusions, show everyone you're okay
Things get tough
Load gets heavier every day
Can never forget you
Or the price you pay

You wear a funny mask to fool me
But you only fool yourself
I'd love to see the real you
But you hide, deep inside, your disguise

Can you feel the pain you make?
The feelings stop and start
Why do you hurt yourself?
Do you feel the need to feel alive?
Can you feel the pain inside?

Do I see the little man
that lives inside your room
The man is driving you mad
You want to leave with him soon

Sunk, down into the depth of depression
Don't really want to be alive
It's not too late to help you
Avoid the final dive

Put the mask back on the shelf
Throw the little man away
Close your eyes and let me touch you
Love life, I will show you the way

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