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March 24, 1987

In the laboratory Doctor Joe is fixing the flame
And in the next room little Igor does the same
It is sure to be disaster
If Igor follows his cruel master
to the bottom of his diabolical plan

Dr Joe gets ready for another human test
And the bottom stair, little Igor looks his best
It's sure to be a blowout
But Igor shows no doubt
At Dr Joe's quest to rule the world

Robot men to walk the earth
In laboratory test tube birth
And Dr Joe will test the worth
Of computers made to rule the earth

Igor flips the toggle switch to brainwaves A and B
Dr Joe just laughs at all the evil he has seen
And robots prance about
Igor has no doubt
And he's as happy as every person he's ever been

Robots crash the table down to dust
Experimental strength test, health test, rust
Robots on the blink
Igor on the brink
of showing fear for Joe, opposed to trust

And now Igor is a brave man
Hunched, but with a broader plan
He takes the hammer in his hand
And crushes every circuitboard and band

Dr Joe is slowly choked by acid smoke
of robots hit and smashed and broken
by the little man
He of broader plans
Igor who tries to rule the world

Robots, disconnected, spark and die away
Do the see the sin beyond the dark shadows of the day
The horizon sunk beneath the strangest land they've ever known
The nightmare is the harvest of the evil seeds they've sown
Can you see the rays develop in the fresh and frozen dawn
In the flash of just an instant every molecule is gone

The darkened sun shines through the window pane
Igor walks feverishly through the green and acid rain
Doesn't know that he's the only one left
But he straights his back up for the very first time
There's work to be done
He doesn't know he is the only one

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