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December 4, 1986

Beginning, a little rocky start
I needed to see what was inside my heart
The stories that you heard made you want to flee
But if you just hold on, you'll see the real me

Imperfect lovers climbing a hill
You had the patience and I had the will
To hold and caress you and make you the star
At night I could dream upon near or far

Being my hope was my first request
To start very slowly and ride to the crest
and float down together on the wave which would follow
and glide through life taking all we could swallow

What we have can be a trip so special
Sacrifices are made, silence means only hearts can tell
that inside I've craved your sweetness and unending care
and that I adore you and will always be there

Imperfect lovers finding the sun
We had moments of frowns and moments of fun
The days of abandon and nights of pure joy
And landmines that spring up for girls and for boys

Sometimes you amaze me and I take a step back
I sometimes play shy and sometimes attack
Right now as I reflect about holding you tight
We may be imperfect, but I think we're alright

I am an imperfect lover gazing into your eyes
Every time I do, I realize
That finally I am contented and feeling like you care
And I'm excited about tomorrow and the love that we'll share

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