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Imperfect Friends
November 25, 1986

A blanket slightly torn
shielding us from morning light
A catacomb of hope
The will that comes from deep inside

I reach the peak of the hillside
And worry about tumbling down
I want to scream for friendship
Afraid of making a sound

A friendship that's slightly worn
protects us from the war
that rages on inside our minds
and the hate that grows deep inside

See the top of the mountain
and learn to live on the slide
Try to grasp every shadow
and find a corner where you can hide

I reach the top of the ladder
No more stairs that I can climb
Only in imagination
Can we find Heaven just in time

No matter if the blanket rips in two
Even if the love you possess is nearly through
And even if the comfort isn't like its always been
We need each other now like oxygen

The air that we are sharing begins to stifle us
Energy is endless in the night
Friendship won't desert you now
Two friends love and laugh and fight

We leaned on each other for so long
We hurt each other too
We denied each other for our love
But I never want to lose you

The lake we circled has turned dry
The water went directly to your eyes
Because we can't hold each others hand
We've drawn all the rainfall from the land

Please never say goodbye
Trying times are sure to pass us by
It's harder now to be without your care
It's empty now that you're not there

Come back to me
Someday appreciation will accompany
the feelings that I've probably always had
They'll probably never disappear, but if they do
I'll understand

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