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March 31,1987

Must be harder than it seems
to find the woman of my dreams
in a lost prison far away
Prairie mama lives on oats
til starvation ruins her day
Wicked stares surround
naptime leisures soaked away

I search for the stolen woman I live for
See the rotten apples decaying to the core
To get a simple poison we have all enjoyed and craved
See the golden girl away, further away
Woman stealing is only a crime in the heart
where we die a little every day

Did the deaf boy listen for the gun?
Or were his ears locked long ago
in a prison far away
The tiny baby rolls in sand past visions
of water never seen
And the sands blow across the universe
formerly loved, but dealt a bad hand
Oblivious to the day
The sand is blown
Into a prison , lost and far away

An hour before dawn
magicians rise to perform miracles
in the draining sea
The words confuse and separate
then blur together
No one cares
except the sober one in the corner
counting his beers
and running his stereo
like an expert of the dawn

In a cell, the inmate answers
the wake-up call, the fateful day
Another guard has earned his pay
In a lost prison, far away

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