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June 14, 2001

This poem was written about a runaway I didn't know, gone for years and with no idea of her condition or whether she would ever return to her family. It is amazing how the pain of a picture causes the words to flow.

I 've never met you
I feel as if I have
To feel your pain through eyes that love you

I hear about happier times
when you were young and sassy
And I wonder if that girl is still inside somewhere

You have felt the sting of life
at such an early age
Climbing out seems such an insurmountable task

To those that love and miss you
Nothing is too bad
Let they who have not sinned cast the first stone

We can only reach so far
Without your help to touch you
But God's arms are long enough to reach anyone

Our fears grow everyday
Our minds cannot distract us
How do we connect from so far away?

Sometimes we see today
Occasionally tomorrow
It's time we looked around to see long term

You're lost in wild times
and living for the moment
When the moment is gone you still need the answers

Although I've never met you
I feel as if I have
If only through the words and yellowed pictures

Tears are shed every day
I am sure you do not know that
There's love floating in the very air you breathe

We've climbed inside your tunnel
Been frightened by the darkness
But deep inside we just want you to thrive

We cannot borrow from the future
to make today any better
We can only mortgage one day at a time

Although I've never met you
I feel as if I have
Because your pain was my pain

It's time to grab the reins
Take a stake in what's to follow
Find your dreams just in the nick of time

The future is uncertain
We can't count on tomorrow
But all you need to shine you have inside

Although I've never met you
I hope someday I will
And home will truly feel like home again

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