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October 13, 1986

A sunny day that occurs after a world of rain
You wake up to the monster and use him for awhile
You can't accomplish what you want and you feel the pain
Unhappy, half insane when you cannot smile

Laugh at yourself
Put a smile on your face
Laugh at yourself
It will be your saving grace

Remember not to take yourself so seriously
That's what my father said to me
Sometimes hurt can change to delirium
The glassy calm to churning sea

Laugh at yourself
Kill the sadness on your face
Laugh at yourself
Change expressions, change the pace
Laugh at yourself
And own the place

A problem can't always be that bad
Confusion with his words will drive you mad
When you smile, its a cover up for sad
If you die today, at least they'll say you smiled

Laugh at yourself
You'll love yourself much better
Laugh at yourself
No matter what's inside the letter

The world falls apart but you laugh and laugh
and laugh
and laugh
and laugh

Laughter in the world
Laughter with you girl
In the darkness I will smile
To hold you for awhile

Laughing at myself
and laughing at you
Laughing at your dreams and crazy things you do
Laughing at the forests you're destroying in your mind
Laughing at the prospect that one day you're only mine

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