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Mary Had a Little Soul
October 13, 1987

"Worthy is the lamb who was slain"
- Revelation 5:12

Aimlessly abandoned sheep
Mary wants her soul to keep
She takes her staff and looks around
Across the dead and barren ground
Mary, see the endless sky
Think of God and realize why

A child born in ancient times
The subject of more than nursery rhymes
His story is still told today
He is known as the Light, the Truth, the Way
Precious children, see the sky
Think of God and realize why

The fallen one, the beast of old
Lucifer, whose soul is sold
As the glass has lost its sand
Find someone to take your hand
Lucifer, look to the sky
Think of God and realize why

We are all abandoned sheep
We all have promises left to keep
Jesus is the Shepherd, He gathers the flock
Unequalled strength, the Way, the Rock
Far above there are Angel's wings
Large enough to hold everything

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