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December 4, 2006

This poem was originally written on my daughter Sydney's 9th birthday, December 4, 2006. It was a reflection (and remains a reflection) on what is truly important in life. No matter what anyone else's opinion is, my daughter's acceptance is truly a life changing one for me.

I know it all and maybe more

Of mathematics and worlds at war

of types of clouds and trivial tasks

Every question she thinks to ask

I may struggle in life, day to day

Try to make ends meet from pay to pay

But I am bigger than the toughest guys

through my daughter's eyes.

Can I ease her mind when thunder rolls

and tell her that Jesus saved her soul

Will she always look at me that way

and believe the silly things I say

It's been nine years and seems like less

since the Lord chose her mom and I to bless

Can I protect her from life's lies

and be the hero in her eyes

I can't decide which picture I like best

of which smile surpasses all the rest

Which style of hair best suits her face

how would I ever fill her place?

I may not be the most successful dad

somewhere between bad and not so bad

But I am completely satisfied

To be a great dad in my daughter's eyes

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