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Night Rock
May 3, 1986

Insanity of the nighttime hours
Vigils nightly as I lie awake
Sitting solitude in silent darkness

The room slowly lies deathbed quiet
The silent majority sound asleep
I have rest and reason revived at night
It goes far beyond counting sheep

I'm wishing for someone to call me
to talk with me or even try to scream
The lens I use focuses on reality
All others rest on pleasant dreams

The clock ticks slowly, rolling on
One o'clock, two o'clock, three o'clock on
On and on it slowly goes
Pressure, a thousand years of ice and snow

Writing a poem to the howling winds
It passes the hours for me
Head hits the pillow and my thoughts arrive
In the dark my probing eyes see

The night lies trapped in an eternal pit
People in their right mind fast asleep
But the coffee props my drooping eyes
The broadest canyons yet to leap

I desire a night time companion
Maybe then I'd drift to dreams
Holding close my picture book teddy
In her eyes I see moonbeams

There seems to be no lonesome partner
who cares enough to let the sheets settle
Tonight, again I lie awake thinking
Designing plans on the headboard metal

And its tick tock the clock rolls on
Four o'clock and every minute to the rising dawn
Every night a lesson in humility

Alarm clock strikes the morning like a starting gun
Sleepless night and another day of aimless fun

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