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August 4, 2012

This poem was originally written August 4, 2012 and it essentially talks of the importance of moving ahead in relationships instead of backwards, even if it means getting rid of the pictures, the love notes and moving ahead with confidence.... Not that that is easy, just that it is important if you don't want to remain chasing your tail in circles.

Sometimes your echoes don’t reach me

in my far corners

The abandoned candle leaves a scent of yesterday

memory teaches us to scramble on in spite of setback

and defeat

No such thing as almost gone

it was far more in my mind

then in the sweat that was yesterday’s toil

The previous grind that has left me fragile

and carefree

My head tilted back, nose in the air

The slow inhale of burning logs and pictures

Love letters and memories fill my nostrils with

fresh beginnings

Ashes as fertilizer

Once I had pulled my foot across the sand

and created a dividing line

that I refused to cross regardless of the circumstances

or there was the preceding time that I felt desperate

to jump off the table to seek wholeness

I recall I once pitied you in your sadness

set apart compassion and a tear

for what I thought was weakness and childhood

drama and fear that you could not shake the malaise

even for a moment

But now I have nothing but numbness

A novocaine popsicle to treat the burn

To not relive the soap opera or the freak show

lying at my feet in a rancid puddle

flowing to the sewer drain in the street

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