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October 8, 2011

Poem written October 8, 2011 inspired by not having everything I want happening in my timeframe, how my timeline may not be God's timeline and how it is important to try to move on to other things and priorities and goals, but as the last stanza indicates, sometimes the simplest thing ( a song, a thing of beauty, or a comment) brings your mind and heart back to the thing you are missing

On to other things

The order of life as far as I can tell

The sweetness outweighs the wretched

In any weather

The noise and the traffic that wander by your home

the silence and the tombstones around mine

We cooperate to help others reach the line

Alone or together

It hasn’t been long, and yet too long

It was yesterday and 20 plus years

it was miles and inches

in was days and tears

And now you are on to other things

and other dreams and other lives

and other futures fill your mind

and I am gone and faded and weathered

So I will go on to other things

Then stop and pause

when one more thing

Brings my heart and mind to your door

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