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February 9, 2014

Why can’t I see inside the caverns of your mind?

Why can’t I see where the pain begins?

Why can’t I reach to where it hurts?

And make it end

Why does it feel like an endless spiral down?

Why do bad things happen to good people?

Why is Why me and why not me the same question?

And why ask why?

Where can we get to if we start right now?

And where will it begin and where will it end?

And where are your thoughts right now ?

And are they on me?

How is it that it hasn’t happened until now?

How can we make it work from so far away?

How can we close the gap from heart to heart

And keep it shut?

When will the anticipation turn to utter joy?

When will I miss you more than I can stand?

When will you give your heart to me

So I can protect it?

There are far more questions than answers

Life can be a riddle at times

There are far more watchers than dancers

Look for the more subtle signs

Close your eyes and let me take your breathe away

Let me whisper words to make your heart skip a beat

Let me give you the answers to the questions you have

Let me touch your heart and make it whole again

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