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February 21, 1986

February 21, 1986

The opening line to this poem is from the Rock Opera Tommy by The Who. It is from the song "21" and the line is " I had no reason to be over optimistic, but somehow when you smile I can brave bad weather". It is such a great lyric and this poem is based on it

I had no reason to be over optimistic
You never said we'd be forever
Hello, good-bye in all one sentence
A symphony without notes, unfinished
A book without an index, pages or a binding
A song with no lyrics, a poem with no rhyming
A one sided love, a broken heart with arrows all around
A single rose dying, lying on the ground

That's what we are, you and me
A beach, the sand without the sea
To splash upon the shore at night
A sun without a beam of light
A week without a Saturday
A wise man standing with nothing to say

A love I have that's not returned
A box of candles left unburned
A crowded theater without a show
A road full of cars with nowhere to go
Though the thoughts I have are love
They struggle as a one winged dove
Because the feelings aren't returned
I've decided not to be concerned

Maybe someday you'll come back to me
We'll work on our unfinished symphony

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