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September 30, 1986

She Knows
Where I go
Every day to the deep sea
to pick up the pieces

She knows
What I know
Every night
to the sky
inside my prayers

She sees
who I've been
Every hour
Sees me swimming underwater

All in all
She knows
What I see
What I need
When I bleed
and when I am kept warm
and when I freeze
I need her please

She Knows
How I got there
Every second
to my breath
that escapes the world

She understands
my secret world
My secret woes
How they go
to the top of my existence

She knows
Who I am
Every lifetime
My identity eludes even me

She knows
How she knows
I don't know
But I need her, please

She knows
When life is fresh
Every universe
when its started
and when its the end

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