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Surprising Days
April 29, 1987

We wake up and the leaves blow through your hair
We dance all day
And from your eyes is that special look you give
when no one else is there

All around in bright creation
Breaths are taken with care and delight
And all the pessimism in the world
Chokes away and dies

I fell in love a dozen times
before I met a girl
And lunch can wait another hour
So I can fall in love some more

Echoes ring better than original sound
Everyone embraces their ground
And loves to live on springtime days
Surprising ones from a sea of gray

A picnic in the park is ultimate
romance, I suppose
A spark of heat that lights the sun
On surprising April days without rain
Without pain, relief confronts you once again

It might not last forever or even an hour more
But while it's mine
I'll recognize and adore it
For what still lies in store

Top down, radio on, blare the sounds
of sixties revival tunes
And DJ's of middle age
Relive the summer of love and rage
Living hooky, playing pretend
One a day of surprise that we thought would
never end

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