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February 13, 1987

He saw you in the morning as you sat up in your bed
He knew your dreams before He even put them in your head
He'll watch your raven hair turn gray
He will be there for the crowning of your faith

He ran a race against sinners who without Him would be lost
He made His sacrifice at greater cost
He saw so many generations growing old
All this He saw but never told

Long ago He saw the bullet strike the presidential head
And the body mostly lifeless carried to a stranger's bed
He helped a grieving widow be miraculously bold
All this He saw but never told

At the battlefront He looked out over soldiers without shoes
And leaders with their silk boots and a handsome horse top view
British soldiers marching solemnly in December bitter cold
All this He saw, but never told

He saw every love start
and every love grow
He saw every fight start
and every love fold
He's seen you crying
He made the rainbows
He knows your lying
He's seen us grow old
He's seen it all but never told

He felt the nails go in and blood flow
He knew that He'd be carried to the stone
He knew of empty grave and stone that rolled
All this He knew all this He told

He looks at us from mountain cliff with open arms
He's watched us take a step and falter back
He's prepared a mansion and streets of gold
All this He's done, all this He told

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