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January 5, 2012

Here is a new poem written in the last two days that was inspired by the events of the last few days...Life is a journey and we reach a point where we know our "boat" isn't a brand new gleaming model from the showroom floor, our sail has been patched after storms, but it can be a seaworthy craft, capable of great adventure ( and great shared adventure). Written Jan 4-5 2012

We must sail away in my patched up boat

Leave the protected bay for points unknown

Sail the turquoise sea, above the shifting sand

And seek a hallowed land

The sail is worn and tattered

straining for the course we’ve chosen

Salty foam and breeching whale

unknown ocean trail

Serene moonlit vastness and solace

Vulnerable beyond the reach of shore

Rippled secrets of the deep beyond

Peaceful as a backyard pond

Your eyes and mine

In love divine searching the distant seas

With pirate hopes and merchant dreams

and preset destinies

And though our craft’s not perfect

The skies turn dark and low

The glassy churns to rocky

We plunge the depths below

We can weather any storm

Rudder firm in hand

and conquer every hardship

and conquest every land

Your eyes and mine

In love divine, searching distant seas

With pirate hopes and merchant dreams

and preset destinies

Where the sail may take us

An adventure not to know

I only know the journey

Will push our love to grow

Calm seas do not a sailor make

I’ve heard the proverb say

and it seems that only darkest night

brings the brightest days

May the sailing last forever

As the sea rolls endless by

And I always see the sparkle

of our future in your eyes

And the magic of the sunset

the fire that never dies

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