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January 3, 2012

This is a new poem written about a woman I don't know who I have watched weekend after weekend, depressed over her failing relationship, being hit on, "consoled" and slobbered over by a variety of barflies... Somewhere out there her knight in shining armor is out there, but I doubt that she'll ever stop self medicating long enough to find out... written January 3-4 2012

The Latest

Who will be the latest to console you

the last one alive to hold you

to say the words that unfold you

and helps you dry your eyes

How many drinks can heal you

the warming hands that feel you

the drunken words unseal you

and get you to last call

Its only a hand on your back

Back and forth on your back

A lean in and whispered fact

The warmth and caring that you lack

How many lies confuse you

and men have tried to use you

appease and then abuse you

contribute to your fall

How can I pursue you

rescue and release you

put a truth in a world of lies

and look inside your eyes

And how do you trust

and how do you believe

When is it time to leave

a life of only anger

Once there was only loss

Danger and high cost

Exhaustion and a numbness

A distressful sense of oneness

Call out when you’re ready

When shaky becomes steady

Bleakness pain and sorrow

Can become a bright tomorrow

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