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November 8, 2006

This poem, originally written November 8, 2006 was inspired by a brisk early November walk along Lake Michigan. It was written during a time of marital separation and contrasted the sunny, summer view of the beach (new love) with the desolate, barren wintertime shore.

Memories of our time together linger sweetly

But ours was just a temporary love

Like the sea washing your name from the sands

and the hand of fate wiping your life from my plans

If I called my poem "Washed Away" would you know it was for you

and would you get the meaning before I had to tell you

Like the last stubborn pile of snow in the back yard

A magician who has guessed the number on your hidden card

Stop telling me I look like Hell...

Do you think that I don't know that just by looking in the mirror

that I am aging like something in a movie scene flash ahead

Something not quite living and not quite dead

I am not sure what took me on my walk along the lake today

or what memories it would bring to me

Doesn't this stretch look lonely now that it's November

Will it always seem this lonely forever and ever?

Like the sea washing you name from the sands

And the hand wiping your life from my plans.

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