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November 2009

This is a poem I wrote late in 2009 and in it, I realize that there is never a "perfect time" to make the move from stability to designing your own life. The factors will always stay the same, the seasons, the doubters, the obstacles. The only element I have complete charge of is my attitude and my decision to "go for it".

Then the day came

when I realized that I could soar

or I could sink

I could sit around and think

or move and make it happen in my life

And the sun, it stayed the same

as did the things that I could blame for where

I've landed in my flight

If I wait for cloudless day and the wind to die away

I stay stuck and surrender all before the fight

Then the day came

When I knew that I could climb

and not throw away more time

with empty hopes and wishes that are fading fast

I could take a baby step. a giant leap away from past

and make things so much better in my life

And the hurdles stayed the same

As did the challenges of the game

that would get no easier when I changed my sights

If I don't begin today and just continue my path of gray

I surrender to the bleak and banish light

So today is my day and its your day

to change the doldrums into measured grace

To look forward to the plan and boldly take a stand

To enjoy the victory and the view from our elevated place

And start a new and glorious race

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