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December 1, 2006

December 1, 2006

Another after midnight time and I haven't heard a thing
It started with a phone call and my heart began to sing
But then you said you loved another and the future started fading
Until you have decided, I am tortured by the waiting

Could you make it harder to look past the break of dawn
To put away the dull malaise and turn my smile on
Confidently knowing that there is no hesitating
Waiting for my phone to ring and tortured by the waiting

Every minute, a product of suspense
Every passion ready, every muscle tense
I look upon a time and place with every dream fulfilled
A rough sketch of a lifetime plan that we intend to build

Two AM has come and gone and I know there'll be no call
You've snuggled in with dreams of him, my expectations fall
The lines I've written here of you I'm confidently stating
Tomorrow is another day to be tortured by the waiting

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