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What I Must Have Put You Through
September 18, 2002

I see our lives with different eyes
A different heart
I can't imagine all the pain you felt
In having to look at me

I know you loved me with all your heart
And I know I let you down
Actually I know I have crushed your heart
I see our lives with different eyes

What I must have put you through
I break down every time I think about it
To be someone's barometer
What is the pressure to be somebody's god?

If only we are given another chance
I have so much I want to share
So much to give now that I can give
Can your heart ever meet me there?

I know that you can't love me now
With the same intensity
Until you see the man inside
And what your love has done with me

It is hard to be patient until that day arrives
I miss the love we used to share
God can build it so much better now
With a better woman, better man

And I thought I saw your eyes still sparkle
For the first time in a year or so
And I hope and pray that you saw mine
A spark I let go out so long ago

It is great to have my real life back
And put you in your place
As only just an exquisite woman
Filled with beauty, charm and grace

You still hold a special place
That's deep within my heart
Our quest to still rebuild our love
Today's the day to start

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