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October 27, 1986

Surprise is building
Come again to winter heaven
Sun is shielding
See your shadow drown in sorrow
We are crying
Melting again

Wheel of fortune swinging down
Come again to kingdom's fall
Running through the forest brave and tall
Situation is changing around
Sun is finally setting down
Wind is teasing you and me
and all
I hold you shivering in the cold
The lines I use grow deathly old
Trying hard to love you
and protect me

I wait until evening comes to break us down
Come again to my new town
We witness you and invite you back again
I understand the life you lead
I dig to feel the planted seed
I reach to find the plant is dead

Hold on to tomorrow
It will grow one more time
Hold on to the rainbow
and the rainbow makes you mine
Hold on to the seasons
the changing makes us blind
Hold on to the dagger
the stabbing keeps us satisfied

Surprise is building
Come again to bright tomorrow
Sun is shielding
See your shadows drown in sorrow
We are dying
Melting more time

Wheel of fortune tumbling down
Come again to ruler's fall
Running from the pulpit
Brave and tall, brave and tall
After the fall
We want it all

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