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March 24, 1987

Where does the ice go?
Springtime day for everyone but me
I stay stuck in winter
upon the final hill of snow
Where does it go?

The flying of kites bigger than the world
And the mating sounds behind the shrubs
Of boys, of girls
I stay behind the wings of swallows
to live a week beyond their wildest dreams
Stuck in winter, persevering for all to see

Land may be gone tomorrow, gotta live today
Plant my garden tulips before the well runs dry
The disappearing earth has thrown sand in my eyes
My plant will grow after all the flowers dry
It stays stuck behind

In a cabin in the deepest wood
I will sing to you my love
And everyone is dying
Except for you and me

To where did the sun fall
while we hid deep and far?
Wondering where it goes
We ask the nearest star
We find the answers as your body tries
It's us and the dead world
consumed in fire

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